Welcome to My Vegan Jukebox

Your ultimate blog for healthy, easy, vegan recipes!

I'm Sivan, a vegan foodie with a strong passion to good food and good music.

I'm a cook for over a decade, and though I've changed my career years ago and not currently working in the food industry, I still refer to myself as a cook, and love learning about food, playing with food, and eating good food, whenever I can.
I've studied Culinary Art over a decade ago and worked in several restaurants since. Over the years I've also did a Bachelors Degree in East Asian Studies and Philosophy, and now working on my thesis for my Masters in East Asian Studies, with the topic of Japanese food in temporary Japanese poetry (shocking, right?).

I went vegan several years ago after watching Earthlings - the most powerful movie I've ever seen. I recommend everyone - vegan or not, to watch this movie ASAP and get to know the truth about animal-human relationship on earth.

In My Vegan Jukebox you'll find some healthy and easy day-to-day vegan recipes, mostly raw-vegan but you can expect some crazy chocolaty not-so-healthy recipes every now and then.
With each recipe, a great song to go along with it - so you can enjoy both taste and sound, and have fun :)

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