Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Violet Dream-Cream Smoothie Bowl

The Violet Dream-Cream Smoothie Bowl is one of these smoothie bowls you just can't resist, and you're welcome to try if you don't believe me. The secret to this supremely stunning smoothie bowl is the combination of a pure banana smoothie with an extra layer of banana-blueberry smoothie on top.

I'll try to post more smoothie bowl inspiring recipes soon, as I see so many Instagram photos of amazing smoothie bowls lately, but with not enough explanations on different ingredients, methods for creating layers and textures, etc. So let's get to the kitchen and begin our journey to becoming a smoothie bowl chef :)

The Violet Dream-Cream Smoothie Bowl


2 ripe bananas
2 frozen bananas
Approx. 30 blueberries
1 cup of water
1 tablespoon toasted coconut flakes


  • Add the water and bananas to a high-speed blender and blend to a creamy texture (you can play with the amount of water. If you like your smoothie runnier then add more water, if you're more of an ice-cream person - use less water).
  • Pour most of the mixture into a bowl and leave some in the blender for the banana-blueberry layer.
  • Add approx. 20 blueberries to the blender and blend to a violet color mixture (the remaining blueberries will be added whole to the bowl later as a topping, so choose some nice looking ones and save for later).
  • Pour the mixture on top of the banana layer - you can play with it and create different patterns: lines, dots, circles, etc.
  • At this point you might have some banana-blueberry mixture left in the blender - you can go ahead and drink it while you scatter some toppings.
  • Choose any toppings you like that will combine well in terms of color. I used some toasted coconut flakes and some whole blueberries.
  • Make sure the toppings aren't overtaking the banana-blueberry layer by leaving enough violet areas with no toppings.

Some ground rules and tips:

  • The top violet layer should be runnier than the pure banana layer, otherwise, it'll sink down once you add it.
  • The toppings should be light in weight to prevent it from sinking down once you place it in the bowl, so any heavy nuts or nut butter should be added to a heavier mixture (meaning, a smoothie mixture that is more on the ice-creamy side).
  • Do not pour too much mixture into your bowl. Make enough room for the second layer and for the toppings.
  • If you can't find toasted coconut flakes at your grocery store, you can try a nearby health food stores or a health food online shop. Here's the coconut flakes brand I used for this recipe on iHerb.
I hope you enjoyed learning how to make this amazing looking smoothie bowl. I have to add and say that it's not just a pretty dish, it's also super tasty and super healthy. It's great for digestion, high in fiber and full of nutritional benefits.

The Violet Dream-Cream Smoothie Bowl

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