Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Banana Strawberry Super Tower

The idea for this recipe spend lots of time in my head, waiting for me to make it happen, and I'm so glad I did... the secret for this awesome dessert is the different textures which makes each bite fascinating.
3 ingredients, that's all you need for creating this raw vegan masterpiece.

Banana Strawberry Super Tower
What U need:

For the frozen banana disks:
3 peeled and frozen bananas

For the banana ice cream:
6 peeled and frozen bananas

For the banana-strawberry-date sauce:
1 banana
2 strawberries
2 dates

For the strawberry layer:
10-12 strawberries

How it goes:
Banana disks (should be prepared a few hours before serving):
Blend the 3 frozen bananas in a strong blender (I use vitamix blender). Place 2 baking sheets on 2 flat plates. Spread half of  the blended banana mixture on one plate, creating a round disk (It doesn't have to be a perfect shape). Do it again with the other half. Wrap the plate with a plastic wrap and freeze for few hours.

Prepare the strawberries:
wash the strawberries. Cut the green edges of 5-6 strawberries.

Banana ice cream:
Blend the frozen bananas in a strong blender to an ice cream texture. Place the mixture in a bowl.

Banana-strawberry-date sauce:
Blend one banana, 2 strawberries and 2 dates in a strong blender to a thick sauce texture.

Creating your Super Tower: (work fast)
Take the banana disks out of the freezer. Place one disk on a serving plate.
Place 1/3 of the banana ice cream portion on the banana disk. 
Stick 5-6 strawberries (those with the cut off edges) upside-down in the external part of the banana ice cream layer, creating a sort of circle.
scoop one more ice cream ball and place it in the middle of your strawberry circle.
Place the second frozen banana disk and press it down gently (just to stabilize your tower).
Place the rest of the banana ice cream on the banana disk.
Stick the remaining strawberries on the ice cream, pour the banana-strawberry-date sauce on your tower and serve.

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