Sunday, December 1, 2013

Banana Persimmon Smoothie

Winter is no longer coming, it's pretty much here already... Fruit are ripe and delicious, bananas are tastier than ever, and persimmons are creamy, sweet and amazing.

Time has come for me to introduce one of my favourite winter smoothies of all times, the Banana Persimmon smoothie!

Those two fruits flatter each other perfectly, they're both sweet and holds a special flavour, but still aren't so dominant so blending them together creates a symphony of white and orange.

Banana Persimmon Smoothie

What U need:
3 frozen bananas
2 ripe persimmons
1 cup of water (250 ml)

How it goes:
Pit the persimmon, slice the bananas.
Blend the ingredients together in a strong blender.

How can you tell if your persimmons are ripe enough?
people tend to eat persimmons who aren't ripe enough. When a persimmon isn't ripe his texture will be hard as apple's texture or even stronger than that, his flavour will be bitter and eating even a small amount can cause a serious health damage.

A ripe persimmon will be very soft, its calyx will be easy to lift off, and the taste will be creamy and sweet, and the fruit will be easily tear up.

A ripe persimmon's calyx will be easy to lift off

A ripe persimmon will easily tear up


  1. All of the vegetables to be merged into one dish sounds like a brilliant idea to me. I think that this will give a good taste to the recipe you will add this to.

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  3. Molded like a huge tomato, hard and shaded a brilliant orange, this persimmon is effectively the most looked for after.type kaki fruit

  4. I love tris fruit! Every year I eat so many of them. The best way to eat it is to open it in two parts and immerse your mouth in it. But the fruit has to be really ripe! Lovely! :-)

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